96M Partner With Evolution Gaming

96M is Evolution Gaming’s Official Partner in Asia

Online casinos may be the most important thing about them. So, to make it more fun and safe, 96M online casino Malaysia has teamed up with Evolution Gaming, which is a well-known gambling software company based in Sweden. In the last few years, the Asian gambling market has grown very quickly, and online gambling has become a sport for people all over the world. With the help of the best gaming providers and high-quality games, 96M online casino Malaysia has made a big move into the Asian gambling market. Because of this, the number of users is quickly growing.

96M Partner With Evolution Gaming

96M Online Casino Malaysia Partner With  Evolution Gaming

96M casino is one of the most well-known and safe online casino brands in Malaysia. Because of their honesty and unique approach to online gambling, 96M has a huge following of online gamblers from all over the world who play at their casino. It is one of the most rewarding online casinos where you can get big bonuses to start and to win money. On the other hand, Evolution Gaming is also one of the world’s largest and oldest online gambling service providers. The company has been setting up online casinos since 2006, and it is thought to be one of the safest places to gamble. The partnership between these two brands isn’t a big surprise to people who have been following 96M online casino Malaysia for a while.

In the Malaysian gambling market, 96M has a big online presence because of their consistency in customer service and how loyal they are to their customers. Evolution Gaming made it easy for them to work with 96M. Good online casinos were all over Malaysia, but 96M was one of the few that could work with Evolution Gaming. 96M is giving new and old gamblers a unique experience, giving them big winnings, and giving them safe ways to pay for their games.

Carlesund is the Chief Executive Officer of Evolution Gaming. In an interview, Carlesund said, “Evolution Gaming is a great place to work.”

“COVID-19 has changed the way people buy and sell things online for good, and that includes one of Malaysia’s biggest gambling landscapes. He said that many Malaysian gamblers have switched to online gambling and are looking for the best service providers to meet their needs to play, so they can do that. Thus, they have teamed up with 96M to give Asian gamblers a safe and secure place to play.”

96M online casino Malaysia has a lot of confidence and trust from people who say this, and this shows. One of the Spokespersons for 96M also said this:

“This means that 96M online casino will put all of their attention on giving big rewards and high-return promotions to members who are loyal and royal. Because they are working with Evolution Gaming, they don’t have to pay big fees to other gaming providers.”

These words show how much these two brands love and care for each other.

96M Partnership: What will this mean for people who play at 96M?

Let’s now find out what this partnership can do for us. When people work together, it’s always a good thing. Users will be able to play some of the best Evolution Games for free. They will also get a lot of money for playing blackjack and other games like that. In the gambling business, Evolution Gaming is one of the oldest and most experienced service providers. They know how customers think and what they want. These people have the best versions of all of the casino games you can think of. They have blackjack, roulette, poker, or any other game.

Special Rewards and Bonuses If You Play Evolution Gaming at 96M

When 96M and Evolution Gaming worked together, they opened up a lot of unique funds and grants for 96M. This is not an exaggeration! It means that 96M now has the chance to run very rewarding promotions and give its members a lot of money.

Among them are welcome rewards, up to 150 percent weekly reload rewards, and other rewards. Every person who signs up with 96M online casinos will be able to get these bonuses. The only thing that could be bad about these bonuses is that you can only use them to play games made by Evolution.

96M Players Can Play Live Casino Games on Evolution Gaming

It’s time for some heat! Everyone who has signed up can now play live casino tables. People who join this club will be able to play cards in real life with beautiful and sexy card dealers. A group of people will play against each other, which will make them feel like they’re playing in a real casino.

The Best and Most Reliable Customer Service By 96M

There are 96M players who play online casino games now. People in Malaysia and Asia already trust Malaysia to be a good casino brand. Because of this, even before they started working with Evolution Gaming, they have been giving their members the best service possible. After the merger, they are now providing quick and reliable customer service to their members. They handle complaints and questions in a polite way and deal with them quickly. Customer service at 96M has all the information and tools they need to solve problems quickly for people who play Evolution Games.

On 96M’s website, customer service is available 24/7.

  • WeChat
  • LiveChat
  • WhatsApp

24-hours a day, 7-days a week, we’re here for you! It doesn’t matter what platform you use to ask a question. The 96M customer care team will get back to you quickly and reliably.

Claim Welcome Bonus When Joining 96M Online Casino

So, what are you going to do now? To get your welcome reward from both 96M and Evolution Gaming, you still have time to sign up and get it. Only thing you need to do is register on the platform by clicking the register button on the top right corner of the 96M online casino website, which is https://www.my96m.com/en-my/home, and filling in the necessary information.

You have to key-in,

  • Username
  • Password
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Telephone Number
  • Referral ID (If Any)

and you’ll be a member of 96M. In that case, deposit some money into your casino account. Then you’re done! Getting your welcome bonus will allow you to play as many games as you want on Evolution Gaming and win big rewards and bonuses. This is how it works:

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