COVID-19: Hotel-Casino Workers Facing More Layoffs in 2020

COVID-19: Hotel-Casino Workers Facing More Layoffs in 2020

Hotel-Casino Workers Facing More Layoffs Because Of COVID-19

One of the greatest uncertainties that the entire globe has witnessed is the novel COVID-19 pandemic.

The virus which reportedly started in Wuhan, an industrial city of China later found its way past the borders of China to the entire world. Within the first few months into 2020, the virus was declared a pandemic and consequently, strict measures were adopted to curb its spread.

One of those measures was the restriction of international travel and trade. And due to the community spread that started some weeks later, most countries restricted movement by imposing national lockdown.

As expected, these strict measures brought about serious economic meltdown in various countries of the world.

Businesses crumbled, schools were shut down, churches discontinued activities, markets were closed… And as a matter of fact, experts had to declare a global economic recession.

Moreover, the global hotel-casino industry was hugely affected by these restrictions. This is basically because even hotels were not allowed to operate for many months.

However, despite the gradual resumption of activities that had seen many hotel-casinos across the globe resume operations, a lot of casino workers are expected to lose their jobs.

This might come as a surprise to many because it is expected that workers will find their ways back to work once various countries allow business operations to restart. But that is not obtainable given the economic crisis that is currently ravaging the globe.

Since the 4th of June 2020, a lot of hotel-casinos in Las Vegas have already tendered notice to the United States government ahead of the impending mass layoff of workers. This came after hotels we’re allowed to reopen after a 78-day shutdown of operations due to COVID-19 pandemic.

This notice was basically forwarded due to the Worker Adjustment And Retraining Notification Act which requires that employees should be informed prior to layoffs to enable them to find other alternatives. 

The reason for this major downturn is that the tourism industry of Las Vegas still has a long way to go before it can fully recover from the impediments of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The two highly affected Hotel-Casinos In The United States are;

  1. Penn National Gaming

At Penn National Gaming, the exact number of furloughed workers that were finally laid off can not be ascertained.

Although back in April, the management already announced the lay off of 26000 workers. This happened after many victims reportedly received letters that addressed them of their impending sack.


  1. Treasure Island And Sahara Las Vegas

A notice was sent by Treasure Island to 414 employees, notifying them of their permanent layoffs, which would be effective from August 14.

However, the management also emphasized its dedicated effort towards calling the employees back to work as soon as the business improves.


Although there are lots of Hotel-Casinos that are already badly hit in Las Vegas, many more layoffs are expected before things will ever improve.

Sadly, both the State and the Federal Government can only do little to salvage the present situation.


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