Casino Workers’ Benefits Extended Until August 2020

Casino Workers' Benefits Extended Until August 2020

Benefits of Casino Workers Extended Until August 2020

Lately, a lot has changed in the global community. This is especially with the advent of the novel COVID-19. The Casino industry is not left out in this massive change. However, one aspect that remains unchanged is the Casino workers’ benefits which have been extended until August 2020. All thanks to Albert Williams and Marc Ayotte.

The United Steelworkers and Gateway Casinos have come to terms with the extension of certain benefits (throughout the summer) for workers in Sudbury(England), Thunder Bay, and Sault Ste.Marie(both in Canada). Basically, this extension will continue until the end of August.

A Statement issued by the area representative of United Steelworkers, Marc Ayotte, has it that an agreement signed between the Union and Gateway provides for the continuance of the benefits for over 300 casino workers in all the casinos owned by Gateway in Sudbury, Thunder Bay, and the Sault. He also emphasized that these benefits will last all through summer (at least till the end of August).

Ayotte worked together with Albert Williams who serves as the head of the local bargaining unit of United Steelworkers. Their collaboration lasted all through the month of June before an agreement was reached with Gateway.

This extension is a major breakthrough for all casino workers within the named districts because ordinarily, their benefits were originally meant to expire by the end of June.

Gateway also assured United Steelworkers on the safety measures that are to be adopted when they restart work. Although it is not yet clear if all workers will be allowed to resume work immediately.

You might be wondering what these BENEFITS look like.

Well, reading further from this point, you will find out some of those benefits.


Some of the benefits generally enjoyed by casino workers are:

  1. Amazing Daily Stipend.

After a long night’s work, most casino workers go home with as little as $300 and as high as $600 on the basis of stipends. They earn that much just for one night!

Even in smaller casinos, workers earn up to $75 in tokes.

Now, If you should add the normal hourly wages I’m sure you will acknowledge how handsomely casino workers are rewarded every month! 


  1. Standard Benefit Packages

The “Standard Benefit Packages” that are offered to casino workers include:

  •       Dental care
  •       Medical care
  •       Vision coverage
  •       Free meals when on duty
  •       Paid Vacation after a long time on duty (For bigger casinos), etc.

These benefits make it possible for workers to feel at a bit comfortable even in their place of work. Amazing, right?


  1. Education Assistance Program

Casinos based in Atlantic City, New Jersey actually offer Education Assistance Program to their workers.

Through the provisions of this program, full-time casino workers have the opportunity to obtain certain university degrees.


The truth is that COVID-19 has caused huge damage to the world’s economy.

However, this extended period for benefits will go a long way to relieve casino workers of the pressure caused by the pandemic. 


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