918KISS Online Slots Vs. Land-based Slots

918KISS Online Slots Vs. Land-based Slots

918KISS Online Slots Vs. Land-based Slots

During the early days of online gambling, the games were far from what one would find in a physically present casino. In terms of jackpots and quality, many users were left unsatisfied. 918KISS has improved its user interface and class to such an extent that it has become the most played slot game in Singapore. Online slots are so similar to real-life slots that people start believing that they are playing real-life slots on their computers. We have compiled the difference between 918KISS online slots and land=based slots in this article.


Difference Between 918KISS Online Slots And Land-based Slots:

Online slots such as 918KISS are quite similar to land-based slots. The reason for the similarity is because the casinos have a computer chip installed in all slot machines in real-life casinos, which generates the outcomes.

Thus, playing online slots give you the same experience as land-based slots with a few exceptions. Online slots require virtual coins, whereas land-based casinos and slots require real money to play.  The other difference between 918KISS online slots and land-based slots is that one can play online slots in the comfort of their home. In land-based slots, one has to visit the place to gamble.


Difference Of Pay Out Percentages:

Online slots are lower in cost to operate than land-based slots. They also offer higher payout rates than those offered in land-based casinos. Along with that, reputable accountants verify 918KISS slot payout percentages. Even the regular payout rates are comparably higher than land-based casinos.


Slot Bonuses And Competitions:

Probably the most significant difference in online slot casinos is that it offers its regular players competitions in which they can take part. The more one takes part in these competitions, the more points they can earn. Players can redeem these points for additional casino credits. Some online casinos such as 918KISS offer their players to use the competition points to buy all kinds of merchandise.


Progressive Slots And Jackpots:

Although land-based casinos offer tens of millions of jackpots to gamblers, online slots offer way fewer prizes. The reason why people still prefer online slots such as 918KISS is because their pots are progressive.

The largest jackpot won is €6,374,434.00 (approx; US$8.69m), which was a hit on Mega Moolah – a Microgaming slot machine. Gamblers have won smaller prizes of $5000 to $10,000 regularly in 918KISS. Jackpots are won quickly and increase in progressive slots.

Another bonus is that unlike land-based casinos, the players are paid all progressive jackpots in one installment. If you win $1,000,000, then you will receive a cheque of one million dollars. Most land-based casinos pay their players the prizes they’ve succeeded in yearly installments.


The Takeaway:

Online slots such as 918KISS are a great source of entertainment. They not only offer games where you can gamble, but they also offer table games such as blackjack poker. Many nowadays even offer live slots where you can play with real-life players. With the developments in online slots, it is safe to say that online slots are here for the long run.